Algorithm Demonstrations

Here are a few image processing and analysis algorithm demonstrations that I wrote in the late 1990s, using the then-new Java programming language. More recently, I have been converting these demonstrations to mobile apps in my spare time, of which there is little so those projects are not yet complete.

Circular Hough Transform

A Java applet that demonstrates the circular Hough transform for finding circles in images.

Active Contours (Snakes)

A demonstration of active contours (also called "snakes") using Java.

Image Halftoning Demonstration

An applet that demonstrates several different image halftoning techniques.

Nonlinear Image Filtering

An applet that implements several spatial image filters, including two edge-preserving noise-smoothing filters that I designed in my research.

Linear Programming Tutorial

An 8-page tutorial on linear programming that I wrote in 1998.

Mark A. Schulze