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Mark A. Schulze, Ph.D.

Algorithm developer

Image processing algorithm developer with experience in medical, semiconductor, and aerospace imaging fields. Also developing geospatial and location aware apps for parachute and balloon flight.

Austin, Texas

Curriculum Vitae

Publications List

Examples of past work

Winds Aloft

Balloon Flight Planner

Conditions and forecast at current location

News piece (October 2011) about one of my past projects

Algorithm demonstrations (in Java, written in the 1990s)

More about me

Back in 1994 when I started this site (yes, I know, the site design shows its age), the web was a good way to share things about yourself publicly, but now we have so many other ways to do it, for example:

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I am also involved with the

20th Century Technology Museum

It was founded in 2005 by my parents.

Mark A. Schulze